Between Jakarta and Malang


Without realizing that the time has pass very quickly, my departure day came closer and closer than before. In 10 days I’m going to leave this harsh city where I was born, grown up, and learn a lot of things. Yes, I’m going to take my feet out of Jakarta and go to the city I’ve never visited before, Malang. 

According to Wikipedia, Malang is the second largest city in East Java. During the period of Dutch colonization, it was a popular destination for European residents. The city is famous for its cool temperature and the surrounding country regions of Tumpang, Batu, Singosari, and Turen. People in East Java sometimes call it “Paris of East Java”.

So, why did I choose Malang? I’ve been wanting to go to University of Indonesia since I was in Elementary School yet in the end I choose Brawijaya University in Malang. Why?

Because, it’s 869 kilometres away from Jakarta. I’ve been lived my whole life with my parents in Jakarta and become really dependant to them. That’s why since I was in Junior High School, I decided to lived on my own after I graduated from High School.

But, If I choose University of Indonesia (UI) I can lived on my own too, right? Yes it is. But, it’s still near to my house in Jakarta. If I choose UI, I probably going home most of time when I hit hard times. But If I’m in Malang, I can’t go home that often. That’s why I decided to go to Malang and face the harsh reality of life alone. Yea, I still need my parents sometimes but I can at least learn to be independant there, right?

When the National University Entry Exam result announced, I’m really excited and can’t wait to go to Malang. But as the days go on, I get lonely inside. It feels like a part of myself still can’t accept the fact that I have to lived so far away from my parents. Some part of me still can’t accept that I can’t meet people I love that often anymore. I can’t go to JKT48 Theater anymore! But that’s the risk of the decision I take, isn’t it? So I have to go out of my door and face whatever comes afterward.

869 kilometres isn’t near at all and it takes more than 12 hours to get there by train. Everything is going to be different. There’ll be no more free wifi and food all the time. The College life isn’t easy like in TV or movies. What if I failed my class? What if I get lower GPA than 3? So many what-ifs that my head getting hurt while imagining it. Moreover, I have to use my money more wisely than before (and earn my own money, if I can) in order to survive in the city where I have no saviour. 

Can I survive? Hope so…

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