2014 to 2015

Well, it’s already the tenth day of 2015 but I think it’s never too late to write things right? I’m in the middle of finals now but decided to ‘run away’ and write some blog posts again after a long time.

I don’t know how to begin it but let’s start with a brief explanation on how my 2014 is going. Let’s see, the year began with Ujian Nasional (National Exam) and University Entry Test haunted my mind. Eventhough I really know it’s near and going to be harder than 2013 National Exam, I didn’t really have study enough. Like, oh c’mon what’s really matter is the University Entry Test right? But 2-3 weeks before the National Exam, my inner self is panicking. And the result? Oh boy, I barely made it. I only get 70% on average! But that’s all thanks to my English and Indonesian score which helped me a lot.

Not so long after that, the University Entry Test begin well I don’t know how to translate it propely but yeah, deal with it. My tryout scores make me feel insecure. Out of 4 tryouts, my best was 43% while I need to get at least 50% to get into University of Indonesia, the most famous and one of the best University in Indonesia. Based on that situation the 3 department I chose during Register Phase were: Information Systems of University of Indonesia, Information Systems of Brawijaya University, and Psychology of 11th March University (UNS). And here I am, a college student of Brawijaya University. I belived that my score barely made 40% haha.

Getting into Brawijaya University which is one of the top 10 in Indonesia, also means I have to move 900kms away from my home. It really makes me happy but sad at the same time. I’m happy that at least I can “live on my own” and get my own private room without anyone interrupted me doing things. But it also makes me real sad to think that I can barely met my parents and friends in Jakarta. Demo, payayayaya life goes on!

My 31st of December – 1st of January are spent together with my friends here in Malang. We made some good barbeque, watch some good movies, play some great games, and having a nice discussions. We have the same thought running on our mind how it’s really “weird” to spend the New Year’s Eve with people we doesn’t even know last year, far from home, yet still enjoy it a lot. Those discussions somehow made me think of what am I going to do this year. I never had a new-year-goal-or-resolutions-or-wtf-it-is but this year, I think I have plenty of goals.

  1. Make my parents happy with my progress here.
  2. Getting some ‘jobs’ to do
  3. Make the best of my life again this year like I always do

Pretty decent, uh? Haha but yeah at very least this is the first year I have some real goals to achieve. Not like the previous year where I just floating around waiting things to happen. I know it’s going to be real hard but let’s give it a try. Goodluck for me!

PS. Demo is a Japanese word for ‘But’ and payayayaya is a part of this song

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